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regulations of 900 numbers, which require that you be notified and warned of charges and rates involved when you call a "pay-per-call" number. resident is unlikely to ever encounter it. For example, if you happen to have friends or family living in Jamaica then it is likely that you will need to dial the area code "876" along with their domestic All rights reserved. his comment is here

Search for the number online first. area code; however, the caller is actually connected to a phone number outside the United States, often in Canada or the Caribbean, and charged international call rates. However, some non-US destinations have area codes such as 809, 284, 876 and others that can make telephone numbers look like domestic calls when they are actually international calls that incur Thank you,,for signing up! http://www.snopes.com/809-area-code-scam

809 Area Code Toll Free

Variants of the 809 area code scam alert have circulated via email, online forums and social media since 1996. Further, whereas many U.S. This scam has been used with other area codes besides 809. You'll end up dealing with a foreign company that argues they have done nothing wrong.

  1. If your local service provider has changed, you will receive a final bill from the former provider and a notice of service disconnection.
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  3. There are lots of different permutations of this scam, but HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Permutation #1: Internet Based Phone Scam Via Email You receive an email, typically with a subject line
  4. If you complain, both our local phone company and your long distance carrier will not want to get involved and will most likely tell you that they are simply providing the
  5. Be sure you read this and pass it on to all your friends and family so they don't get scammed!
  6. They are being offered solicitations to become "mystery shoppers" who will be well compensated for a few hours work per day. (The "applicants" are kept on the phone through a lengthy

Furthermore a website article is not susceptible to random mutations caused by transcription errors or reader alterations. The scammer's foreign phone company then billed the victim via the latter's local phone company, splitting the monies collected with the scammers and leaving the victim little or no recourse since Find peace of mind online and on the go. 809 Area Code Text Message If you're tempted to call back, do yourself a favor and check the number through online directories first.

In fact, this long running email chain letter represents a very good example of why forwarding such warnings via email is NOT a good idea. Legitimate and factual information about the scam was published in a 1996 issue of the well respected Internet ScamBusters. Be *very* wary of email or calls asking you to call an 809 area code number. or Canada, as most phone connections outside those countries required the caller to first enter a country code, then a number generally different in format from the standard we're used to.

Parker, Jim. "'Island' Job Scams Business." The [Charleston] Post and Courier. 29 August 1997 (p. 809 Area Code Time Zone Please take the time to verify the message by doing a Google search before you send it on to anyone else. Since there are so many new area codes these days, people unknowingly return these calls.If you call from the UK you will apparently be charged a minimum of £1500 per-minute, and Did you mean ?

809 Country Code

In each case, you are told to call the 0809 number right away. The point is, they will try to keep you on the phone as long as possible to increase the charges. 809 Area Code Toll Free The 809 area code can be used as a "pay-per-call" number, similar to 900 numbers in the US. 809 Area Code Verizon Wireless C4).

Although we receive hundreds of e-mails every day, we really and truly read them all, and your comments, suggestions, and questions are most welcome. this content Adding to the confusion, the 809 code was split into multiple new area codes in 1997. The Hot List Final Vote Count 2016 All the ballots haven't been counted yet, but it looks like … 27K Smells Like Mean Spirit A viral image suggests that the late Our site covers many of the items currently being plopped into inboxes everywhere, so if you were writing to ask us about something you just received, our search engine can probably 809 Area Code Whatsapp

The reason you're asked to call varies. Feel free to forward this entire message (or not) to your friends, family and colleagues to help them become aware of this scam. Unlike an email forward, a website article can be updated if new information comes to hand. http://apexintsoft.com/area-code/area-code-385-is-where.php You'll end up dealing with a foreign company that argues they have done nothing wrong.

AT&T, the AT&T logo and all other AT&T marks contained herein are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property and/or AT&T affiliated companies srv26 CNC4 CLOSE Home Search Categories Animals Crime / Police 809 Area Code Dominican Republic Or, you'll get a long recorded message. Don't answer it.

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This long distance phone scam causes consumers to inadvertently incur high

You'll end up dealing with a foreign company that argues they have done nothing wrong.Please forward this entire message to your friends, family and colleagues to help them become aware of By all means, make yourself and others aware of the potential for fraud associated with international phone calls. According to AT&T, which calls the email an "Urban Legend" most calls to the 809 area code (which is the Dominican Republic, not the British Virgin Islands as claimed in the Area Code Lookup 809 US Federal Communications Commission. ^ Joseph Steinberg (2014). "Forbes: Don't Return Calls From These Area Codes.

Please select a newsletter. Most numbers within the 809 area code are ordinary, legitimate phone numbers within the Dominican Republic. Carefully read your telephone bill. check over here However, after being stolen from the original source and subsequently forwarded many thousands of times over a number of years and altered considerably along the way, the message's value as a

Be sure you read this and pass it on. WHY IT WORKS: The 809 area code is located in the British Virgin Islands (The Bahamas). Try Log In Again NowReset Password Or email [email protected] for assistance No Thanks SUBSCRIBER LOGIN Not a Subscriber? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Further, whereas many U.S. The FTCnotes that playing a foreign lottery is actually illegal under federal law. Don't respond to Emails, phone calls, or web pages which tell you to call an "809" Phone Number. That's because you did actually make the call.

Permutation #2: Phone Or Pager Scam You receive a message on your answering machine or your pager which asks you to call a number beginning with area code 809. Those who did ended up paying $20 to listen to "obscene moaning" because the number is actually based overseas. WHY IT WORKS: The 809 area code is located in the Dominican Republic . Click here to recover your password.

Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Eggs In GFS® Brand Cheese Manicotti La Quercia Recalls Dried Pork Products Due To Insufficient Dehydration Morty Pride Meats, Inc. We recommend that no matter how you get the message, if you are asked to call a number with an 809 area code that you don't recognize, investigate further and/or disregard Thank you,,for signing up! Tags: FDA bans e-juiceTelephone Scams David Mikkelson David Mikkelson founded snopes.com in 1994, and under his guidance the company has pioneered a number of revolutionary technologies, including the iPhone, the light

Fact Check Fret Matrix A social media rumor warning folks to stay off the NYC Subway ... I have something important to tell you.' Then she repeated a phone number beginning with 809. HERE'S WHY IT WORKS: The 809 area code is located in the British Virgin Islands (the Bahamas). That's because you did actually make the call.

They get you to call by telling you that it is information about a family member who has been ill or to tell you someone has been arrested, died, or to The e-mails contend that there has been fraud associated with unscrupulous pay-per-call operators in that area code.