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Arcgis Error Reading Package Contents

Dreamweaver or other commercial software can be purchased at an educational discount, and Mozilla also makes a decent free software package for html editing. For example, the layer author has changed the symbology in the layer, but the map viewer still displays the older symbology. Dates appear to be formatted differently throughout the map.Time does not appear in the date field.I can't edit the geometry of a feature in an editable feature layer.When printing a map, Just press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard when whatever you want to capture is on the screen. navigate here

Layer authors may need to clear the REST cache of the map layer to see the legend updates in the map viewer. You can try switching the layer URL to HTTPS. If you want to create a separate image file for a web site (like a gif, jpg, png,...), which can later be imported into an web site or document, you need Error reading package contents. http://support.esri.com/technical-article/000011862

I cannot see layer packages or other files used in ArcGIS for Desktop. The website leverages the web storage capabilities (similar to cookies) of the browser to temporarily store changes made to the map until you save the map. Select Preferences on a Mac or Linux machine.

If your OGC WMS or WMTS layer is in a coordinate system other than Web Mercator or GCS WGS84, your layer is used as the basemap. To display time for date fields, you need to configure the date field in the pop-up to use one of the short date formats (and check the box to show time). If that's not you, forward the activation email you received to the appropriate person. The ideas in fixing these problems won't only develop your technical skills but also help you save money.

Layers are always displayed on top of a basemap, and feature layers are always displayed on top of tileset layers (map, image, and tile layers). Your organization may not allow sharing outside the organization or you may not have privileges to share outside the organization. The subscription must be activated by the person who will administer it. Error reading package content.

I am working at home going through a vpn. That did not correct the problem. For more information, see Show ArcGIS desktop content. Windows 7 does not allow you to index a mapped drive and the map packages do use indexing.

  1. Does it work for you?http://links.esri.com/arcgisdesktop/en/arcmap931/layersThis link provides access to layer files (LYR), rather than layer packages (LPKs).Thanks,MikeLike • Show 0 Likes0 Actions aallardyce Feb 8, 2011 7:46 AMWas there ever a
  2. Hot Topic: New Topic: Waiting for Reply: Answered Questions: easy (1 pt) medium (3 pts) hard (5 pts) double points… If you are uploading the map package to ArcGIS Online, you'll
  3. On the other hand, increasing your pagefile size will do if you think you could still work on your RAM.

ArcGIS Online supports a limited set of HTML tags. Create a map that can be … Share it on a blog, via email, or embed it in a website. Since that post the hits on this …… On adding the package it produces an error saying that it doesn't recognise the coordinate system. … Report Inappropriate Content • Top • So what now?

If you add a text file (.txt or .csv) with addresses and you are signed in with an organizational account, the first 1,000 rows of features are displayed. check over here If you continue to have problems, have your administrator contact Esri Support. Because the data is not included, the recipient must have access to the ArcSDE geodatabase data to view the map contents. I see the Bing basemap in my maps but the public sees an ArcGIS Online basemap.Symbols disappear when I change symbols in my layer and use an image from an item

Determine if the map package was created in the same version of the software as the recipient, including service packs. Arcgis Layer Package Error Reading Package Contents 4 out of 5 based on 29 ratings. If you are particularly ambitious, you can also write html directly with a text editor (Wordpad, Notepad++, emacs), which is a useful skill to know when you want a very specific http://apexintsoft.com/arcgis-error/arcgis-exe-error.php Instead, you can use ArcGIS for Desktop to share your map document as a tile package and upload the tile package to your ArcGIS Online account. … Error reading package contents.

Other text files are not supported. How can we improve? I do not see an option to configure pop-ups even though I know my service has feature data in it.

I see the Bing basemap in my maps but the public sees an ArcGIS Online basemap.

Internet Explorer Open the Tools menu, click Internet Options, then click the Advanced tab. This offset might affect the date as well. You cannot reorder a KML layer or a basemap. Repair your map by choosing a different basemap from the gallery or using the URL parameter basemapUrl.

Publishing a hosted tile layer takes a long time. I cannot publish a hosted tile layer from a hosted feature layer. Also, features from time-aware layers and OGC WMS layers cannot be edited in the map viewer. weblink To invite someone from your organization to the group, their profile must be visible to the organization.

Submit Contact our Support Team Request Case Start Chat Questions or issues with the site? I created the layer package on a computer running ArcMap Build 2800. To share public maps, use the short URL in the map viewer Share window; to share item details and groups, use the Facebook or Twitter buttons. Created: 5/5/2016 Last Modified: 5/5/2016 Article ID: 000011267 Software: ArcGIS - ArcEditor 10, 9.3, 9.3.1 ArcGIS - ArcInfo 10, 9.3, 9.3.1 ArcGIS - ArcView 10, 9.3, 9.3.1 Is This Content Helpful?

Right-click the setting and click Toggle to set dom.storage.enabledto true. My Edge browser is not loading some of my layers. Search only suggests six features. Could you pass along the OS of the server machine you are redirecting your My Documents to?

This means it may not work for those of us who prefer cleaner, faster, and more secure browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Search on GeoNet Submit to ArcGIS Ideas Error: Invalid package. Legends for map layers may not match the legend in the map viewer. Be sure the feature layer is editable.

For example, if you have an organizational account, you can only invite people with organizational accounts to join your group.The profile of the person you are inviting is not set to We are attempting to open a map package downloaded from a public ArcGIS Online map.